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Best Communication is important in every company, industry, or organization. Without visual communication, the message is difficult to understand. Any mistake can interfere with productivity which is why color coding standards are important. 5S color coding allows you to communicate without speaking.

5s color coding standards are an important part of any 5S lean or productivity initiative. With color-coding and designated critical areas, it is easy to find control points and reduce wasted time.

5s Color Code Standards - 5s Floor Marking Color Standard Benefits

  • 5S identifies the standards behind colors for consistency and organization, improving productivity, and running a more efficient operation.
  • Implement the 5S color scheme with visual solutions that work, great for industrial or industrial facilities, medical offices, and any company.
  • It provides a systematic and safe flow of goods and helps direct traffic along corridors and routes.
  • Use this colorful 5S color code wall chart to easily implement 5S in your workplace today.
  • Ensures better organization and clear marks to store, load, and unload goods and machinery. A clear pattern eliminates confusion and results in wasting precious time.
  • Add it quickly to any work without interrupting or limiting access to work areas.
  • Transmits important messages and, if used properly, can help anyone identify the workflow of a workplace within a minute.

5S Color Code Chart - 5s color code standards with explain

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Yellow: Traffic lanes, machine guards, Cautions, walkways, and work cells. etc

Orange: Materials and product inspection, Operation, storage locations. etc

Green: Materials and components finished goods, Safety equipment .etc

Red: Defects, fire, scrap, tags for unused items, rework and red tag areas, unused materials .etc

Blue: Equipment, Inventory, Machines lines, Inspection points, raw materials .etc

White: Equipment and fixtures, Process materials, Repair tools, clean lines.etc

Black: Work in progress, Materials, and components, work in progress raw materials .etc

Gray: Floorstand displays, racks, storage, warehouse .etc

Black and yellow: Flammable or combustive material containers, extra caution working area, etc. Areas that may expose employees to special physical or health hazards.

Black and white: Areas to be clarified for operational purposes, not related to safety or compliance standards. etc

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