Drill and Tap chart Standard, List of Tap Drill size chart Metric

Here is a list of tap and drill sizes. Metric tap drill size chart, standard drill, and tap chart. Sometimes drilling and tapping in manufactured parts are often required. One of the most common ways to produce such a threaded hole is to drill a suitably sized hole with a drill bit and then tap it with a tap.

Tap drill chart standard Metric, Explain Tap, and Drill sizes

Each standard size of screw thread has one or several similar drill bit sizes that are within the appropriate size range. tap slightly larger than a minor diameter, but smaller than its pitch and major diameter.

Such a properly sized drill is called a tap drill for the size of the thread, as it is a correct drill to be followed by a tap. Many thread sizes have many potential tap drills as they are threads of varying thread depths between 50% and 100%. Typically, thread depths of 60% to 75% are desired.

People often use such a chart to determine the appropriate tap drill for a certain thread size or the appropriate tap for an existing hole, which we have given below.

Explain Tap and Drill sizes - List of Tap and Drill size - Metric Thread

List of Tap and Drill size - Standard Metric Thread

Tap Size = Drill Size ( mm )

  Tap Size     Drill Size   
M1 x 0.25     0.75mm
M1.1 x 0.25     0.85mm
M1.2 x 0.25    0.95mm
M1.4 x 0.30     1.10mm
M1.6 x 0.35    1.25mm
M1.8 x 0.35     1.45mm
M2 x 0.4     1.60mm
M2.2 x 0.45     1.75mm
M2.5 x 0.45     2.05mm
M3 x 0.5     2.50mm
M3.5 x 0.6     2.90mm
M4 x 0.7     3.30mm
M4.5 x 0.75     3.70mm
M5 x 0.8     4.20mm
M6 x 1     5.00mm
M7 x 1     6.00mm
M8 x 1.25     6.80mm
M9 x 1.25     7.80mm
M10 x 1.5     8.50mm
M11 x 1.5     9.50mm
M12 x 1.75    10.20mm
M14 x 2    12.00mm
M16 x 2    14.00mm
M18 x 2.5    15.50mm
M20 x 2.5    17.50mm
M22 x 2.5    19.50mm
M24 x 3    21.00mm
M27 x 3    24.00mm
M30 x 3.5    26.50mm
M33 x 3.5    29.50mm
M36 x 4    32.00mm
M39 x 4    35.00mm
M42 x 4.5    37.50mm
M45 x 4.5    40.50mm
M48 x 5    43.00mm
M52 x 5    47.00mm
M56 x 5.5    50.50mm
M60 x 5.5    54.50mm
M64 x 6    58.00mm

m2 tap drill size - Standard Metric

m2 tap drill size = 1.60mm drill

m3 tap drill size - Standard Metric

m3 tap drill size = 2.50mm drill

m4 tap drill size - Standard Metric

m4 tap drill size = 3.30mm drill

m5 tap drill size - Standard Metric

m5 tap drill size = 4.20mm drill

m6 tap drill size - Standard Metric

m6 tap drill size = 5.0mm drill

m8 tap drill size - Standard Metric

m8 tap drill size = 6.80mm drill

m10 tap drill size - Standard Metric

m10 tap drill size = 8.50mm drill

m12 tap drill size - Standard Metric

m12 tap drill size = 10.20mm drill

m14 tap drill size - Standard Metric

m14 tap drill size = 12.00mm drill

m16 tap drill size - Standard Metric

m16 tap drill size = 14.00mm drill

m20 tap drill size - Standard Metric

m20 tap drill size = 17.50mm drill

What size drill bit for m24 tap - Standard Metric

m24 tap drill size = 21.00mm drill

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